Daily Grind

Tuesday Ten: 30, Flirty and Thriving

December 9, 2014

The day I had been dreading all year had come and gone. To be honest, I didn’t think much about leaving my teenage years and entering my 20s but my 30s? That was something I feared. It was mostly because I hadn’t accomplished things I thought I would have when I came of age. At this age, I thought I would be married with kids and making mortgage payments. I have neither of these things and I’m mostly okay with it. With my 30s coming on in full speed, it made me realize how fast life goes by and how much more there is to accomplish. I decided that I need to look at the positives and acknowledge how far I’ve come.

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Daily Grind

Tuesday Ten: Office Kitchen Etiquette

December 2, 2014
source: wallpaper wonder

You’ve decided to save money by bringing your own lunches instead of going out for lunch. It’s an adventure in its own right trying to store your lunch in the fridge every morning because you’ll never know what obstacle awaits you. You tiptoe past spilled sugar and hop over spilled coffee. You can’t remember if the cake sitting on the counter is new or had been left out overnight. You open the fridge and pray that you won’t get attacked by a big whiff of moldy expired food. You sigh with relief when your nose is safe and your arm is attached.

The office kitchen can be a battlefield and half the time, it looks like there was a zombie apocalypse and everyone forgot their manners and common sense and left fleeing the kitchen for their lives.

I’ve put together a little guideline for this week’s Tuesday Ten to save you..from yourself.

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The Non-traditional Thanksgiving Meal

December 1, 2014

For our Thanksgiving meal, my family decided not to have the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Half of my family is French, after all. When we thought there wasn’t anymore food, more just kept coming. Sal and I ended up with a food coma and skipped dinner because we were still so full from lunch. It was a nice meal with good company. My mom really knows how to host, I hope one day to be able to bring that to my own gatherings. She gets these ideas to make everyone get involved like her œuf surprise. It’s like a deviled egg but not really. The yolk is still whole but underneath, there is either caviar or anchovies and you won’t really know which you’ll get until you take a bite. Sal and I opted to cut the egg in half on our plates before trying while my sister’s boyfriend popped the whole thing in his mouth. Needless to say, that was his first time ever trying anchovies.

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Gratitude – Full Circle

November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving my dearies! I hope you’re able to spend some quality time with loved ones and still maintain some time for yourself. This holiday is about togetherness and giving. While you’re nice and toasty in your home sharing a cup of hot spiced cider, remember those that aren’t quite as fortune.

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Rainy Fall Picnic with FSTG®

October 30, 2014

Last month I made a bucket list of things I wanted to do this fall. Having a picnic was one of them. Unfortunately, mother nature decided she wanted to join in on the fun too and rain on our parade. I had it all planned out; I would go out to a nice quiet area with some friends, lay out some blankets and just relax. The date was already set and invitations were sent out. After the rain and stress I thought my first fall picnic was going to be a complete disaster. I quickly looked for contingency sites, however, my building already had the club room booked as well as my photographer’s place. I had even considered still being outside but in a sheltered picnic area. That was until we determined it may be colder out than we thought.

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To birth or not to birth

October 29, 2014

You’re sick of seeing your Facebook feeds aren’t you? Everyone is having babies while you’re still trying to figure out if you want sugar with your coffee. Let me be perfectly honest with you, I’ve never been a kid-friendly person. By that, I mean I’ve never had baby rabies. If you don’t know what that means check out the definition from Urban Dictionary:

(n) the name given to the lapse of sanity in which a person feels that s/he absolutely MUST have a baby in the very near future, and will often go to great lengths to get pregnant and will bitch constantly about wanting a baby in the meantime. Usually happens in women, but men get it occasionally, as well.

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Horror Films Marathon

October 27, 2014

Sal and I are having a horror film marathon in honor of Halloween Week! I love horror films. I used to sneak around and watch them when I was younger. Tales from the Crypt, anyone?

Growing up, my family was always watching movies, it was our bonding time. My dad would go rent some movies and we’d have a marathon all weekend or he would take us to the theaters for newer films. But, you must be wondering where I get my love of horror films from? Well, it’s not my dad. I can honestly say I think his favorite movies are action films and he loved Al Pacino. One film he will never watch is Poltergeist. I never really understood his fear of it but then again I’ve never actually sat through and watched it either–not out of fear or anything. I just never really had a chance.

I really liked the Masters of Horror series. I’ve seen gruesome and disturbing movies like Ichi the Killer and ones that just really scared me like Darkness Falls. Nevermind the tooth fairy, after seeing that movie I had to go out and get a nightlight. What really got to me was that I’ve always imagined something lurking in the shadows. I have a wild imagination and I guess I should confess that I already have a mild fear of the dark. We used to play hide-and-seek in the dark and if the it person took too long to find me (ie. one minute) I’d just come out from my hiding spot laughing out of nervousness. I like a good scare every once in a while but I try not to push my luck.

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DMV Guide

Skyline Drive

October 20, 2014

We decided to spend our Sunday Funday with a fun outdoorsy couple. They took us to the spot where they celebrated their 20+ year anniversary. The afternoon was spent driving along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit during the fall to see all the foliage.

It was also one of my mom’s favorite places to go in autumn. She used to go cruising with her boyfriend and they would stop at various points to take pictures. Sal and I didn’t get out of the car as often as we would have liked due to my intolerance of the cold. We were also both wearing long sleeve shirts and puffy vests. It was not enough. I even saw folks walking around in winter coats. It was that cold.

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Wide Calf Boots for Fall

October 15, 2014
fall boots - wide calf

I love boots, they’re comfortable and stylish. They can really complete an outfit. My issue with boots though is that I have wide calves. Really wide. I’m short and somewhat athletic so it’s muscle that I just can’t seem to shave away. I was discouraged from boots because the ones intended for wide calves looked really, well, unattractive. I’ve recently found some that actually are rather cute. I cringe at spending over $200 for boots but I do also look at it as an investment. So, if you’re like me, there’s still hope. Here are some that range from $125-$388.


Fall Must Haves

September 25, 2014
Sunday Scene - Fall Must Haves - September 2014

It’s finally fall, yay! It’s definitely time to update your wardrobe and pick up a few new items. Currently, I am in love with plaid–all things plaid. I’ve got my eye on Pendleton throws that are very versatile for picnics, keeping warm and on the go. There’s just something so romantic about fall. It’s a little colder out and everyone is bundled up. When I think of fall I think of hot chocolate, hot cider, scarfs, chunky sweaters, outdoor activities such as making s’mores from a campfire and visiting orchards. I may complain about the cold, but I absolutely adore autumn. I’ve created a little collection of things I’m currently coveting this season or at least for this month.

What is on your fall wishlist?